Your Dog Can Defeat Dracula…

Count Lurchula
Count Lurchula

Well, perhaps not defeat him, but your dog could repel his unwanted advances...

The legend around Vampires being adverse to Garlic does have basis in fact: many bloodsucking parasites such as fleas, mosquitoes and ambulance-chasing lawyers hate the taste and smell of garlic.

So if you're not worried about the smell of garlic, slipping some capsules into your dog's dinner can have a beneficial effect on keeping those small unwanted guests away.  If you are worried about the smell, you can get odourless capsules - but they may be less effective.

Of course, with the advent of Vampires who sparkle in the sunlight, write love letters and moodily mope about instead of being thoroughly evil and giving people uninvited love-bites, perhaps the idea of warding off vampires isn't as alluring to those more used to modern vampire stories...

But, if you're walking your dog through a creepy graveyard and you feel there's a spooky presence, you can rest assured that a natural remedy will keep your dog from becoming one of the bloodsucking undead.

Unfortunately, it does nothing to ward off Zombies... sorry.  🙁


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