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Why Subscribe?

Inspire Your Dog has been over 4 years in the making. When we launched the site at the beginning of March 2014, there were over 72,000 words of content - and that number will continue to grow.

Inspire Your Dog is the culmination of 15 years of hard work and experience working with many thousands of dogs.

But if that isn't enough for you, here's just a few reasons why you should subscribe:

* Unlike a physical book, this site will continue to be updated with new ideas, tips, help and fun stuff. Even after working with thousands of dogs, the learning process continues - so we can keep you up to date with all the latest techniques and ideas that work for different types of dogs. It's a truly dynamic way of learning about and working with your dog. It's a hybrid between an in depth behavioural book, and an online dog magazine - the best of both worlds!

* Inspire Your Dog offers a unique way of looking at the problems people have with their dogs. Instead of working against your dog, we show you how to work with them.

* Inspire Your Dog guides you through the process of assessing your dog properly - starting off with the basics that a lot of other sources of advice ignore. If you don't get the basics right, then you won't get anywhere.

* All this advice is based on real experience. A lot of 'experts' are simply repeating something they've seen on TV or read in a book. We once had a 'trainer' call us for advice when she was stumped over a problem. She claimed she'd worked with 'loads' of dogs. When we asked how many - she replied "Six." Somehow she'd convinced herself that was enough of a cross-section to set herself up as a 'trainer'. We've worked with over three thousand dogs - and we're still learning. Let us pass on our experience to you...

* We don't assume your dog is the same as everyone else's. Every dog has a different reason to be doing what they do. Your dog is unique, and we'll treat them that way.

* When you subscribe, you'll gain access to our exclusive subscriber content. If you look at the navigation section on the right hand side of the page, you can see all the main sections with their main articles. You can see the vast amount of content and subjects we've already covered, and we'll be continually adding more.

* You'll be able to ask questions and perhaps even 'inspire' new articles focussing on specific issues or problems. This isn't a static site, we'll go where our subscribers want us to go.

* You'll be joining a site written by people who work with, and live with dogs on a daily basis. We don't take articles from other sources - everything is new, original content.

* We'll be adding 'Guest' articles over the coming months and years from people who are experienced in their own fields, including dog sports, health and well being, along with other special articles and features.

Instead of blocking off all of the subscriber content, we've shown the beginning of each section for everyone to read. We're very proud of the work we've done here - we hope you really enjoy reading the site as much as we enjoyed creating it.

To subscribe, simply click here... >

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Here at Inspire Your Dog, we want you to be able to always help your dog stay safe, and that's why we've partnered with Barko - your best friend's best friend.  Barko is a brilliant app available on both the App Store and Google Play, which allows you to keep all your doggy friend's details at your fingertips.  You can keep a full profile of your dog, including name, date of birth, breed, microchip number, vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, medical details, prescriptions, vet contacts, emergency contacts, a Barko Alert map, and much much more! Find out more by visiting their website:


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