Hero Files: Floss

“It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.”

― Mark Twain


Floss01Floss is a little collie bitch who was rescued in Ireland. When she arrived with the rescue she was absolutely terrified of people. She had been badly abused in the past and had no reason to give her trust or love to any human. After a time, she realised that not all people would hurt her, however she still very nervous and would avoid people, especially men, where ever she could. Floss found a home with a lovely lady and her other collie. When Floss' mum got married they all went to live on a sheep and cattle farm - and Floss found her place in life! She was in her element working the cattle with her Mum. Although Floss was eventually comfortable to be around her new Dad she was still her Mum's dog and would follow her everywhere. She wouldn't work for her Dad, only her Mum, and barely left her side.

One day Floss and her Mum were in the kitchen in the farmhouse getting lunch ready. Her Dad was up the farmyard, about a mile away.

Suddenly Floss jumped up and cocked her head to one side, quick as a flash she shot out of the back door, through the garden and was out along the lane heading for the farmyard. Her Mum couldn't quite believe what was happening and was quickly in pursuit calling her. Floss ignored her calls and carried on at high speed towards the farmyard.

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