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So, what's new over the last week?

Here's a little guide to the updates and added content for the last 7 days, in case you missed new stuff being added.  Enjoy!

DudleyThumb01With the news that a Poodle won Crufts for 2014, there are pictures everywhere of the classic 'poodle cut' which makes a lot of people think they're precious, pampered pooches.

So, in the interests of balance, we showed the other side of poodles with Dudley's story, here:

Read "Poodles... Precious, Pampered Pooches" >


HardAtWork02This week we have also added the first part in our Breed Spotlight on Border Collies - History.  They're a fascinating breed, and one a lot of people have problems with.  We've worked with literally thousands of collies over the years, so we hope that we can help bring a little help and insight into the world of the Collie dog.

Read Border Collie Breed Spotlight >


Are you in the right training class?  If you're surrounded by people who all go to the same class and everyone says repeats the same advice, how do you know if it's right?  Surely training classes must be the best source for the right information?  Not always... here's a few tips...

Read Training and Trainers here >


Is your dog putting hard-working Vampire killers like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Van Helsing out of business?  Find out here...

Read Your Dog Can Defeat Dracula >


We also updated the Frequently Asked Questions section, with updates including help on how to increase / decrease the size of the website in your web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions >


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Here at Inspire Your Dog, we want you to be able to always help your dog stay safe, and that's why we've partnered with Barko - your best friend's best friend.  Barko is a brilliant app available on both the App Store and Google Play, which allows you to keep all your doggy friend's details at your fingertips.  You can keep a full profile of your dog, including name, date of birth, breed, microchip number, vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, medical details, prescriptions, vet contacts, emergency contacts, a Barko Alert map, and much much more! Find out more by visiting their website:


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