Poodles… Precious, Pampered Pooches?

We always feel a little sorry for Poodles.  They're always seen as being precious, pampered pooches, when in reality, if you let them be a dog  - they'll be a real dog.

Dudley The Poodle

"I'm not having one of those puffy dogs", you'll hear men exclaim - believing that having a Poodle around will somehow emasculate their masculinity.

Poodles are definitely a breed where you have to remember the old adage - 'don't judge a book by it's cover'...

Poodles don't have to have the pom-pom haircut - they can look rather rakish with a bandana and a natural growth of hair.  And that was the only haircut that suited Dudley The Standard Poodle.

He loved being a mischief maker, and was a bit of a scamp.

He was every bit as intelligent as a collie, but there was an extra glint of naughtiness in his eyes; he was only ever a couple of seconds away from another big adventure or misdeed.  There was never any malice in him, but he could not have been more fun if he tried.  And believe us - he tried!

Dudley came to us when his dad, who competed in obedience, died and no-one on the circuit or in the family could take him on.

Dudley came to us with a caseload of funny stories.

Whilst Dudley could be immaculately behaved in the obedience ring, out of competition he was 'off duty'.  He had a cheeky little face, and his special trick was he liked to push the button on pedestrian crossings.  In fact, he loved standing up in general (as you can see from the photo).

At one obedience show, Dudley's dad was given a beautifully made cake for his birthday.  As he wasn't able to eat it all in one sitting, and his friends were getting ready to compete - he put the cake safely in a cupboard in his motorhome.

Dudley appeared to be asleep on the seating area.

A little later on, Dudley's dad came back to collect Dudley for his turn in the obedience ring, to find Dudley being rather uncooperative.  This was unusual for Dudley because he loved to perform and show off in front of people.

DudleyPoodle02Dudley's dad was struggling to work out what the problem was, until he spotted a piece of chewed white, thin cardboard.  After a few moments wondering where the card had come from, he remembered that the special cake had been in a white cardboard box.  He opened the (still closed) cupboard to find the box, and it's contents, gone.

On closer inspection of Dudley, he had a very cake-shaped belly, and evidence of bakery goods around his mouth and whiskers... and was clearly determined to sleep off his ill-gotten gains...

Dudley's tummy did tend to override his training... on one occasion, Dudley and his dad were in the competition ring, putting on quite a show of heelwork.  Unfortunately the heelwork ring was a little close to the hamburger van, and as they rounded the corner for the end of the competition, Dudley's dad made the turn and continued on, oblivious to Dudley's sudden turn of speed across to the fast food dispensary.

Whilst he ignored his training, he was still polite enough to queue...

Other competitors would often comment "I wouldn't stand for that!" - but Dudley's dad adored his shenanigans, and would just say "he's a little tinker... and I love him for it."

So the next time your think a Poodle is a Precious, Pampered Pooch, think of Dudley and remember they can be Pudding Purloining Pests!  🙂  And that's what made this cheeky scamp very special indeed.


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