Let’s Have Fun!

We speak to a lot of people who literally forget to have fun with their dog.  🙁

And it's such a shame because sometimes... just sometimes... having fun is the solution to your problems!  When you're concentrating on all the bad stuff going on, the whole atmosphere darkens, and your dog picks up on that.  If the whole home is unhappy, things just get worse.

Playtime01When your dog is having fun, they forget to worry.

It's a fabulous way to help a worried dog and it's a constructive way to help a 'naughty' dog.

A huge number of so-called "problem dogs" just need an environment where they can relax.  A relaxed environment is a happy environment...

And there's no happier environment than dogs at play.

 People are often amazed when they see groups of dogs running around, playing, and generally having a good time with each other.  They've become accustomed to the idea that dogs are always being naughty and always looking to dominate each other, that they spend their time around other dogs, worrying about what might happen.

Walkies03It's a common worry that a large group of dogs will start to argue and fight, but 99 times out of 100 any disagreement is 'handbags' - just a little squabble between pals.

So what do you do if you're worried about your dog?  THINK positive.  BE positive.  FEEL those positive vibes...

A positive attitude and confidence will transmit to your little furry friend.  If you're not worried, they don't have to worry... and remember - HAVE FUN!!



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