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Rules & Guidelines

Inspire Your Dog is a subscription website with it's own community.  As such, we have rules which are designed to make this a happy place to be.

We hope that the members of the site will join in discussions in the spirit of the site; this is about being positive.  We would like the community to reflect that positivity.  If you're happy, your dog is happy.
Too many sites allow bullying and unpleasant behaviour.  That sort of thing will not be allowed here.  With that in mind, please remember that citing 'free speech' in order to get around the rules will not be tolerated.  For example, anyone suggesting harmful treatment to an animal will be banned immediately.  It should be common sense.
No links to external sites or email addresses unless given permission by the Inspire Your Dog staff.
No 'Vigilante Moderating'.  If you see something you're uncomfortable with in the comments, please report it using the in built features - a member of IYD staff will deal with it.  This is because these situations can become heated very quickly.  Phrases and comments on the internet can sometimes be misinterpreted.
The rulings of the IYD staff are final.  This is a private site, and as such it is our duty to keep it informative and friendly.  Sometimes we may seem harsh - but we will be fair.
No copying and pasting of any articles outside the site is permitted unless permission is explicitly given by IYD staff.  The contents of the site are copyrighted, please do not steal our hard work.