Wartime Dogs

Stubby02It doesn’t matter whether a dog is big or small, a stray, an unwanted ruffian or a pampered pet, the thing that singles them out is their loyalty and bravery. 

Even though we are talking about dogs in wartime, these stories aren’t all about highly trained dogs who have had specific training regimens - there are dogs who have acted on their own initiative. Even dogs such as Peter, who had training to find humans, also wanted to help any creature trapped, rescuing an African Grey Parrot in the course of his work. Time and again, without being asked, these dogs knew instinctively how and when to react in particular situations. Saving their colleagues, friends and strangers, they possess a bravery that very few humans can ever match.

It seems that no matter how many amazing feats and life saving tasks dogs perform for us, people will still say things like ‘you can’t bond with an older dog’, ‘they need to be a puppy to train them’ or simply that ‘strays are no good’ they’re ignoring some of the most loyal, brave and amazing dogs in the world.

And if they don’t believe you, just the story of Sergeant Stubby, the stray whose dedication, bravery and fortitude saved many lives, should be more than enough to convince them.

Bamse St. Bernard >

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Peter The Collie >

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