Changing Attitudes Pt2

One woman very courteously approached me in a grocery store, saying, "Excuse me, but I must ask why you've brought your dog into the store." I told her that Grace is a service dog.... A few minutes later, she returned. "Excuse me, but you told me that your dog is allowed in the store because she's a service dog. Is she Army or Navy?"

- Terry Thistlewaite

So, given all these amazing things that dogs have done for us, it’s time that people stop thinking that there’s some sort of ‘Mankind vs Canine’ battle raging across the world, caused by dogs trying to take over and ‘dominate’.

It’s time that we see it for what it really is – a lack of communication between two different species. When humans are communicating properly, all these amazing achievements happen. When humans don’t communicate properly with dogs, problems start, and more often than not, the dog gets the blame.

So, if dogs do all these wonderful things for us, and have advanced the human race in so many ways, why is there so much negativity about dogs?

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