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That's the only dog I know who can smell someone just thinking about food.

- Charles M. Schulz (creator of Charlie Brown)

So, we’ve spoken about the way food can affect your dog, but what if you actually have food issues with your dog?

One of the most common food issues experienced by people and their dogs are ‘food aggression’. This is where a dog becomes stressed around food, and guards their food.

There is the school of thought which says you should always be able to take food away from your dog. You should be able to remove their food bowl while they are eating, and your dog should not respond in any way. Whilst there seems to a some sort of logic to it, is it really the end of the world if your dog doesn’t like you taking it’s food away?

Food01For example, if we were to try and take an ice cream from a child, would we expect that child not to respond? They’re going to cry, scream and some children can become quite violent.

If a waiter were to take your food away from your table in the middle of a meal in a restaurant, would you be able to keep your cool and not respond?

When that child or that human responds, do we claim they are dominant? Of course we don’t. Do we make the suggestion that these children and adults have behavioural problems? The desire to ensure our food is not taken away from us is an instinctive, primal feeling.

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