Dog Bites

“Killing the dog does not cure the bite.”

- Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

ToothInspection01There are occasions when you, or someone your are with may get bitten. Sometimes this can be by accident, and other times it can seem like something much more sinister has happened.

There’s no sense in trying to figure out what happened in the immediate aftermath of a bite; emotions are running high, and the situation can just get worse if it isn’t handled correctly.

First, is to determine whether the person who has been bitten requires medical attention. This is different from a case to case basis, but the likelihood is that the person will be experiencing shock. Let them sit down, and get them to concentrate on someone or something. If necessary make them some sweet tea, or another sugary drink to help with their blood sugar levels.

Has the bite broken the skin? If the bite has broken the skin, then it’s important that the wound is kept clean. Take them to the local A&E so they can get the bite checked out, and stitches or dressing applied if necessary.

It is important to visit A&E if the skin is broken (even if it does not look serious) because you may need a tetanus booster. It is much better to be safe than sorry.  The tetanus booster is sometimes administered by your GP, so you could call your local surgery and take their advice.  In any case, seek medical advice.

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