We've helped thousands of dogs and their owners over the last fifteen years.  But you don't have to take our word for it!  If you want to hear how our help has transformed the lives of real people with their pets, then read on - here are some of those stories...

I first became involved 2½ years ago , when I was struggling with a young rescued Working Sheepdog who was very nervous, full of anxieties, and highly reactive to sounds, movement and particularly dogs she did not know well. She displayed a range of behaviours including fight, freeze and flight reactions, was extremely hypervigilent to a point where it was hard to break through her scanning the world for possible danger and form any sort of bonding relationship. Up until Sophie came into our lives as a twice rejected 15 week old rehome, I had certainly considered myself to be a confident, experienced and successful dog owner over many years. But Sophie and her extremes left me floundering and bewildered and thinking the unthinkable that she was a challenge too far and would need to be returned for the 3rd time in her short life.

In my search for help, I came across them and booked a session with Paul to help understand her behaviour and progress with her problems. In this session I was given many insights into the world from my young dog’s point of view, and holistic ways to move forward that embraced diet, exercise, brain games, and socialization. My end of Sophie’s lead was addressed and supported, so I could be more relaxed and not escalate situations with poor handling. I was immediately impressed by Paul’s obvious deep knowledge and experience of the breed, his calm dog centred approach, and the positive way Sophie responded to him. She is one of his biggest fans! I was given hope and encouragement, confidence and strategies to move forward, and the additional practical support of being invited to come and socialize Sophie whenever I wanted in this safe and non judgemental canine kingdom.

Sophie and I are a work in progress. We have good days and some set backs. But along with our two other dogs, Sophie does agility and Rally O. We are venturing into heel work to music and scenting. Sophie walks miles with us exploring moors, forests and coastal regions. She has even got a passport and has successfully ventured into the Alps! Along the way we have been helped by a range of wonderful people, all contributing guidance to our cause. But none more so than Paul and Sarah who started us on our journey towards achieving a more confident and happy partnership, and who have sustained their interest, support and guidance in our cause undaunted by the problems, always solution focused and all this delivered with great good humour.

 Ros Kinloch
(& Sophie)


I had been walking Ruby, on the lead, in the village where I was working.  A dog, off lead, saw us and ran at Ruby and had a real 'go' at her, her owner eventually caught up and started lashing her dog, and Ruby, with the lead.

I checked Rubes over and saw no obvious injury so left it at that.

Ruby was really 'off colour' for days, she was so subdued, and didn't show any interest in her usual 'meeting and greeting role',and students and other visitors to the centre were really concerned that she wasn't herself.

I phoned you, and you told me how she was obviously really upset by behaviour that she didn't expect and wasn't used to, and couldn't understand it!

I took her to the vet who identified discomfort around her chest and abdominal area, obviously bruised by the unprovoked attack.

This advice from you Paul reassured me and helped me to understand how collies expect certain behaviour in situations and when this doesn't happen they can't cope with it and either try to take over or just become introverted.

Di & Ruby



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