Rehoming Files: Bobby’s Business

There is only one smartest dog in the world, and every boy has it.

- Unknown


Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what we do as the homechecker, the dog will make their choice. They have an amazing ability to scope out the people they are meeting and act accordingly. Sometimes, they will just not gel with the person you’re homechecking, and on other occasions, they will make their opinion known in other, less subtle ways.

Bobby01Bobby was a large clown of a Collie dog. He was a big, tri-colour with a huge amount of fur that made him look like a colossal teddy bear. He was the most outgoing, large, happy idiot of a dog, whose idea of a good time was just bumbling around making people laugh. Bobby was a prime example of finding it difficult to home a fantastic dog, simply because he just seemed too good to be true.

Of course, it probably didn’t help that he had his own techniques to put any potential adopters off.

On several occasions, Bobby would conjure up mysterious maladies while people were visiting him. On one occasion, he spent the whole time scratching one ear, and looking generally miserable. “Oh dear, he doesn’t look very well. Has he got ear problems?”

On another, he developed a limp; but kept alternating which leg he was limping on, because he kept forgetting which one he was acting with. “Is he lame on both front legs?”

He even managed, of all things, to a fake a ‘squint’.

“Has he got something in his eyes?”

“Yes, mischief,” we replied.

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