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Just say no... to extendable leads!

We've explored why extendable leads can be a real liability in the Gadgets and Gizmos section, but last week, I saw a situation that horrified me.

In a public place, a couple were walking their very happy, very vocal, Basset Hound girl on an extendable lead.  Neither of the couple were paying any attention to her, and she was racing around, saying hello to all and sundry.  I couldn't help but smile to see such a happy dog socialising well and having a great time.Extlead01

Coming the other way along the path was a small terrier, who made a beeline toward the Basset, barking his head off aggressively.  Sensing a possible danger, this Basset lady wasn't shy about showing that she was very friendly, and bounded in the direction of the terrier, wagging her tail and woofing happily that she was friendly.

As this happened, the couple finally realised they had a dog on their lead, and jerked her back, making her yelp, and then smacked her on the nose chastising her for 'being naughty'.

Where to start!!

This poor Basset had been left to her own devices.  Had she been on a normal lead, they would have had control over their dog.  Had they been paying any attention whatsoever, they would have noticed this dog coming towards them being aggressive, and moved their own dog out of the way.  As it stood, they told off their dog for trying to be friendly.

For some breeds, and some dogs, an incident like this can teach them that they're wrong to say hello and be sociable.  After all, they'd just been told off for trying to say hello - so next time they might actually be aggressive to keep other dogs away - because the last time a dog came close to them, they got told off.

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