What Have We Learned?

Well, we believe it’s important to understand that what you know about dogs, or what you think you know about dogs tends to come from the same old stories rehashed over and over again. Seeing the perspective of other cultures, religions and even ancient philosophers gives a fascinating insight as to how dogs have been viewed throughout history.

The foundation of looking at your dog differently will come from learning new things about them, and being able to see your dog in a new light.

Some of these stories are sad, some are uplifting, and others are just downright strange. However, they all give us that opportunity to look into the eyes of our canine friends and see that relationship mirrored within the pages of legendary Greek philosopher’s tales. We can see that the Ancient Egyptians held their dogs in the same reverence as they held their cat gods. Even seeing that some religions gave dogs the same importance as humans shows that in a lot of ways, dogs have always been a crucial part of our cultural fabric all over the world. Although we believe we’ve become more advanced, we’ve left an awful lot of knowledge behind.

We’ve gone on such an incredible journey together, from humble beginnings hunting food together, to paving the way for human Cosmonauts into space. There doesn’t seem to be an area an endeavour where having a canine companion doesn’t improve your quality of life.

And yet, we seem to have lost sight of all these things, and some have become focused on painting dogs as an evil creature that cannot be trusted. Even those who profess to be dog lovers are presenting a picture that your dog is your enemy and you must be the dominant force over them.

These stories don’t back those ideas. Time and time again, we hear tales of an unbreakable bond between canine and human. They show struggles and triumphs. They show respect and reverence. They show an amazing understanding which we seem to have lost somewhere along the way.

We’re sure everyone reading this site has their own tale to tell of a moment where you and your dog instinctively share a profound bond.

Before trying to tackle whatever issues you may have with your dog, we think it’s worthwhile to just take a little time and reflect upon what an amazing journey our two species have come on. And whist there are religions and cultures that did not embrace our canine friends, there were plenty who did, even if they seem to have got lost in the mists of time.

Hopefully these stories show another side to dogs. Some things you’ll have already known, and other things that may have surprised you. Some things may have made you laugh, and others may have made you cry. The beauty of these animals is that they can bring out all our emotions. They can inspire, and often seem to know us more than we expected.

The breadth and scope of these myths, legends, true stories and amazing feats of endurance and loyalty might just show us that there seems to be no limit to what these amazing animals can do.

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