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Wolf-Banner01Please make sure you start your journey on the site by reading the article “The Trainer Who Cried Wolf…”

At the bottom of this page, there’s a link to the first article in this section, "The Trainer Who Cried Wolf", at the bottom of that page a link to the next one, “Changing Attitudes” which leads to the next article “Expectations” and so on with these articles; “Solving Problems”, “Food For Thought”, “A Healthy Dog”, “The D Word” and then an overview of these foundation articles.

ScruffyCute02All of these articles are an important stage on your journey, so please do not skip any of these articles. They’re designed to give you a little background and context before you start trying to solve problems. Rather like building a house, if you don’t have solid foundations, then the whole thing will fall down around your ears.

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