Welcome To Inspire Your Dog!

Fed up of being told you're at war with your dog?

Fed up of being told that your dog is Man's Worst Enemy instead of Man's Best Friend?

Millions of dog owners are fed up with battling their dog and being told to dominate and scare their dog into submission.

And we're fed up of these charlatans too - everyone knows that bullying isn't the solution to anything!

So, as an answer to these barbaric and outdated methods, we've put together this site, featuring our knowledge from 20 years experience in training, rescuing, rehoming and rehabilitating dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Let's redress the balance!

Take advantage of our experience to Inspire Your Dog - and learn a different, positive and above all, FUN way to figure out any problems you have.  Inspire Your Dog is designed to not only help you and your dog through any difficult times you're having, but give you lots of ideas and resources for all the good times too.

There's a wealth of free content, along with over 50 (and counting) in-depth help and advice articles and posts available for paid subscribers.  There are sections on food, behaviour, health, rescue dogs, along with all the advice to help you diagnose and pinpoint any issues you might be having with your dog.

Articles and blog posts are being added all the time, and you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter - @inspireyourdog

So, have a look around, and join the Inspire Your Dog revolution!

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